Simon Wright and John Pennington

Public Engagement Projects (PEP) is a consultancy based in Wellington, New Zealand, that works with the public and private sectors to improve organisational performance by building “architectures of listening”.

PEP’s partners, John Pennington and Simon Wright, have a track record of innovative and internationally recognised projects.


PEP uses a number of approaches and tools from the social sciences, decision making, collaboration, public engagement, youth development and online participation to help your organisation build ‘architectures of listening’.

Qualitative research and analysisInterviews, focus groups, case studies and participatory action research
Thematic analysis & reporting
Social appraisalQualitative participatory deliberation
Multi-criteria mapping
Participatory policy developmentSmall and large scale public engagement approaches
Recruitment strategies
Naming and framing
Dialogue and deliberation processes

Evaluation and auditListening audits
Most significant change
Engagement evaluation
Youth participationBased on the principles of positive youth development
Leadership groups
Online participationSmall group, online deliberation using Loomio
Mass participation using Polis
Skills developmentBetter interpersonal and team listening
Better planning, implementation and evaluation