A rare look at public engagement by the New Zealand media

Simon Wright and John Pennington

This is a shout out to Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose at RNZ Mediawatch for their excellent programme about public engagement by the New Zealand media, which was broadcast on 25 June 2017.

The programme included an interview with my PEP partner, John Pennington, and me about our work with Scoop Independent News and the use of artificial intelligence to support the exploration of complex problems. Click the following link for a summary of our interview and link to the full audio recording. It’s called ‘Getting engaged with the audience’.

Previous PEPtalks have covered PEP’s interest in online engagement platforms such as Polis, which use artificial intelligence to support the public’s exploration of complex issues, and of our collaboration with Scoop to provide opportunities for New Zealanders to grapple with issues like sugar and obesity and housing affordability, our latest initiative, which runs until 9 July 2017. This is an example of PEP working with others to find ways of solving problems that current governance institutions struggle with.

PEP welcomes approaches from organisations that want to use twenty-first century approaches to solve problems and enhance their performance through listening and engaging.

Simon Wright, PEP Partner